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Maximize Weight Loss with High-Protein Foods: Expert Tips and Recipes


Reviewed by Taylor Consiglio, PA-C of Forum Health Medical Weight Loss At a Glance… Protein is critical for weight loss, especially for women over 40. Higher protein intake increases appetite-reducing hormones and decreases hunger hormones. Recommended daily protein in-take for male and female adults High protein recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner If you’re looking […]

The Toxin on Your Table, Skip the Sugar


By Jane Kennedy, CFNP, MN, MPH of Forum Health Santa Rosa   Well, my dad told me that back in the 60’s, and as a kid I hated the idea! In my training in preventive medicine, we’ve also known that was the case as the research pointing in that direction was accumulating. But now it’s […]

Hair Loss in Women


Hair Loss in Women is More Common Than You May Realize. Fortunately, it Doesn’t Have to be Permanent. Hair loss in women is as simple as it sounds: you experience an unexpected and heavy loss of hair. And while most people think hair loss happens mostly for men, that’s not the case: More than 50% […]

Score Big on Flavor this Super Bowl: Healthy Game Day Recipe Guide


We’ve gathered our fan favorite recipes to help you prepare for game day without getting off track from your health goals and nutrition plan. The biggest football showdown of the year is here, and even if you’re just there for the half-time show, it’s time to gear up for the ultimate Super Bowl party! While […]

Beyond Diets: A Journey to Sustainable Weight Wellness


While fad diets and quick fixes may provide temporary results, a functional and integrative medicine approach focuses on sustainable, long-term health. There are various strategies that not only aid in shedding excess weight but also contribute to overall well-being. From hormone optimization to stress reduction, let’s explore the multifaceted aspects of healthy weight loss.  7 […]

5 Uses and Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar


Superfoods might steal the spotlight in the media, and exotic herbs and plants might make more exciting smoothie ingredients, but sometimes your most common kitchen items can transform your wellbeing much more effectively. One such item is apple cider vinegar! This humble, fermented form of apple juice serves as a wonderful addition to any salad, […]

9 Tips for a Successful & Nourishing Holiday Season


As we dive into the holiday season, it’s crucial to remember that what you do most days matters way more than the occasional splurge during festivities. The key to a healthy and balanced holiday season is to approach the festivities with a sense of balance and moderation. Your daily habits and routines throughout the year […]

Banish Holiday Bloat


By Staff of Forum Health Vienna Are your holidays sometimes too jolly and you end up feeling like the big guy in the red suit? No one is perfect and sometimes it’s easy to fall into unhealthy habits when we don’t have a game plan to stay on track.   If you find yourself bloated […]

5 Holiday Drink Ideas to Embrace This Holiday Season


Part of every holiday tradition is based on enjoying a good dinner toast – we express our gratitude, rejoice over our family bonds, and look forward to a future filled with more such gatherings. Naturally, a glass of champagne or even something stronger is typical in such situations. Then we have the boozy cocktails and […]

Top 5 Foods to Boost Mental Health


On a typical day, people will pay attention to their diet for the sake of keeping their heart healthy or staying fit. But what about your mind? Not just your focus and overall brainpower, but your mood and that sense of emotional stability? The old saying that we are what we eat doesn’t merely refer to your […]

8 Tips to Keep Your Caloric “Budget” in Balance During the Holidays


A balanced diet is essential for proper functioning of the entire body.  We get calories from everything we eat: from coffee to lattes, shrimp to steak, fruits and vegetables, and everything in between. A calorie, simply put, is the amount of energy that food will produce in the human body. What’s most important, however, is […]

Gear Up for Game Day: Choose Your Winning Healthy Snack


As sports enthusiasts across the nation gear up for an exhilarating game day, it’s essential to fuel your body with nutritious options that will keep you going throughout the excitement. Say goodbye to the usual greasy snacks and say hello to two delightful, healthy recipes that will make your taste buds cheer louder than any […]