FLINT, Mich.Aug. 4, 2022 — Forum Health Knoxville, a Forum Health network practice, welcomes Chris D Harris, MD, FACS.


Dr. Harris has been a practicing medical doctor for more than 30 years and specializes in all aspects of male and female sexual health, as well as cutting-edge techniques in integrative and functional medicine.


Dr. Harris has joined Forum Health Knoxville’s care team that includes board-certified Family Nurse Practitioner Nan Sprouse, as well as registered nurses, health coaches, and nutritionists. Forum Health Knoxville currently specializes in anti-aging, chronic disease, and nutrition.


“I am well acquainted with the team at Forum Health Knoxville having worked in close proximity in the past,” said Dr. Harris. “I saw first-hand the transition of the practice to Forum Health and could not be more impressed with the support offered to the practice and providers. I am confident my patients will agree that joining Forum Health is a win-win!”


Dr. Harris was board-certified in urology until 2019 and brought the latest surgical and medical innovations to his male and female patients during his 29-year private practice career. He began his journey into integrative medicine in 2016, while still practicing full-time, and became board-certified in integrative medicine in 2019.


“I am excited to welcome Dr. Harris to our Knoxville practice,” said Adam Puttkammer, president of Forum Health. “He’s developed a well-rounded functional and integrative medicine practice on his own, and the Forum Health team is ready to support him and his patients in this next chapter of growth.”


“Dr. Harris’ dedication to personalized medicine, continuing education, and seeing patients as innately healthy aligns with our philosophy at Forum Health,” said Phil Hagerman, chief executive officer at Forum Health.


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