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Nurturing Harmony: Exploring the Gut-Heart Axis


By Jessica Gilbreath, MS, CNS, LDN    In the intricate symphony of the human body, a fascinating connection has been unveiled – the gut-heart axis.     You might already know that the gut is often hailed as the “second brain,” hosting a bustling community of trillions of microorganisms known as the gut microbiota. These […]

Preventing Stroke and Heart Attack: Essential Steps for a Healthy Heart


By Staff of Forum Health Vienna  One must maintain a healthy heart in order to live a long and healthy life. Heart disease, including stroke and heart attack, continues to be a leading cause of mortality worldwide. Fortunately, there are crucial steps you can take to reduce your risk and promote a healthy heart. In […]

Hormones for Your Heart: How to Decrease Disease Risk by up to 50%


Did you know Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is for more than menopause or low testosterone? We all know it’s important to keep the heart strong and fit for overall wellness, but did you know your hormones also play a critical role in heart health? The hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone, often referred to as sex […]

7 Survival Tips To Help Keep Your Blood Pressure Regulated


Did you know that over 77 million American adults suffer from high blood pressure? That’s about 1 in 3 people. And of those people, 70,000 will die from their high blood pressure each year.   These are scary numbers, and rightfully so – high blood pressure can cause devastating diseases throughout your entire body including […]

Nutritionist Weighs in on the Truth About a Heart Healthy Diet

By Carolyn Burris, MS, Nutrition of Forum Health Knoxville My hope is that I will encourage you to be your own best health advocate on what you should eat. One word I want you to consider while reading this article is indoctrination.   As I research and study the many recommendations… low carb, paleo, low […]

How Heart Disease Affects Women and Why Hormones Can Help


By Staff of Forum Health Akron Most people think of February and think of Valentine’s Day (except those of us in Northeast Ohio who think snow and cold!). In the medical community, we also think of the heart…but the actual organ. Cardiovascular disease is the NUMBER ONE killer of women, causing one out of three […]

Build a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle: 4 Steps to Prevent Cardiovascular Disease


By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Maintaining a heart-healthy lifestyle is crucial for overall well-being, regardless of age, and with functional medicine you can focus on prevention of chronic disease and addressing the root causes of health issues.     Heart disease is a leading cause of mortality worldwide, but the good news is that […]

Loving Your Heart to Great Health!


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Clarkston Heart Health! We all know that our heart sustains our life, as much as the breath, but oftentimes we take its inherent beating rhythm for granted.   We may choose lifestyles that negatively impact our hearts vital functioning. In doing so, we run the risk of developing significant cardiovascular […]

Women and Heart Health


Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Clarkston The most common cause of heart attacks in women is coronary artery disease, a narrowing of one or more of the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the heart. This narrowing is due to the formation of plaque in the arteries. Plaque is thick, waxy, yellowish substance consisting […]

Dark Chocolate Walnut Protein Cookies

Reviewed by Health Coach Beth Kaczmar of Forum Health Akron   These heart healthy dark chocolate chip cookies are high in fiber and low in carbs. Each cookie contains 2g of blood sugar stabilizing protein and 4g of anti-inflammatory fats, both of which help to protect against heart disease.  (4g net carbs each!)   Ingredients […]