Are there common side effects I might experience during detox?

When your body processes toxins, it often reacts by producing minor symptoms. These might include headaches, fatigue, skin flare-ups, muscle or joint aches, constipation or diarrhea, and emotional sensitivity. Symptoms tend to occur during the early phases of detox while your body adjusts to dietary changes. These symptoms are short-lived, lasting a few days at […]

Should I continue taking my medication during detox?

Yes. You should continue taking all prescription medications throughout your detox unless otherwise directed by your provider. Be aware that detoxification might influence the effectiveness of your medications — especially birth control — as it changes blood serum levels in the body. Hence, we recommend that patients using birth control take extra precautions when engaging […]

What if I slip up during my detox?

We understand that life happens and perfection is not a reality. Leave yesterday’s slip-up in the past and use the knowledge gained to make tomorrow better. That said, sticking to your detox schedule is critical to achieving your health goals. Plan, plan, plan — and do your best to stay motivated.

What’s the difference between a food allergy, intolerance, and sensitivity?

A food allergy is an immediate reaction to a specific food that occurs every time you eat it. This immune response causes your body to recognize the food as a foreign substance and work to attack it. Peanut, egg, milk, and wheat allergies are among the most common. Food intolerances are different from food allergies […]