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Healing from Within: Revolutionizing Mental Health Treatment with Functional and Integrative Medicine


In the realm of healthcare, treating mental health issues is not merely about addressing symptoms. It’s about understanding the complex interplay of biological, psychological, and social factors that contribute to mental health. While conventional medicine often focuses on symptom management through medications and therapy, functional and integrative medicine takes a more comprehensive approach, aiming to […]

The Gift Of Friendship


By Dianne Hinton NP, PA of Forum Health Modesto When you think about your golden years, is your vision filled with dear friends from various stages of life: childhood friends, college roommates, work pals, parents of your children’s playmates, neighbors, friends from church, book club, dance club, and friends found while traveling? Goal: Making and […]

How Gratitude Can Be the Key to A Happier, Healthier Holiday Season


By Staff of Forum Health Las Colinas The holidays are traditionally a time of joy, fellowship, and love. But they can also be a time of stress, exhaustion, even sadness and depression. So, how do you keep the holiday spirits high, despite all the craziness? It can be as simple and powerful as practicing gratitude. […]

10 Benefits of Exercise for Health and Wellness

By Staff of Forum Health Las Colinas You may know of some benefits of exercise for your health and wellness. Of course, there’s weight loss and weight maintenance. Yet, there are so many more benefits. To quote Dr. Mark Hyman, “If exercise could be put in a pill, it would be the biggest blockbuster medication of all […]

5 Healthy and Sustainable Ways to Build a Positive Body Image

Reviewed by Dianne Hinton, NP, PA of Forum Health Modesto We live in difficult, confusing times. On the one hand, you’re supposed to love yourself no matter what, but the “what” is clearly working against you, embodied by the media and the social media that can oftentimes completely skew our perception of beauty or what it truly […]

5 Natural Ways to Fight Off Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD)


Reviewed by Dianne Hinton, NP, PA of Forum Health Modesto Seasonal affective disorder (SAD), popularly known as the winter blues or seasonal depression, typically comes about when the days start to get shorter and our exposure to sunlight starts to go down. The symptoms of SAD can vary, and you can feel a variety of changes taking […]

Could Your Depression Be Linked to Hormone Imbalance?


By Staff of Leigh Ann Scott, MD, A Forum Health Provider Depression Can Be A Symptom of Hormone Imbalances Imbalances in your hormones and depression are interrelated. Conventional medical providers are quick to prescribe antidepressants when their patients present with symptoms of depression, however hormones could actually be the cause. Depression is a disease in […]

Emotional Eating: A Weight Loss Obstacle

Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Rochester Hills Stress, anger, loneliness, frustration, boredom, sadness—each of these can be a catalyst for emotional eating, which plagues many weight loss hopefuls with habitual overeating. When we’ve had a hard day or are coping with unpleasant feelings, we often seek solace in unhealthy treats (a.k.a. comfort foods), but this […]

12 Mindfulness Strategies to Aid Your Weight-Loss Goals

If you have been wanting to lose weight, understanding the power of your Subconscious mind will make your goal much easier! The subconscious mind is not only your memories, autopilot habits, tendencies, and behaviors but also your beliefs and your inner conversations about your life and about yourself.  Here are 12 strategies to help you […]

Retrain Your Nervous System to Process Emotions

When a polar bear experiences trauma – as when he is hunted down by a helicopter shooting tranquilizers at him – he shakes his body to release that trauma. This is instinctual and helps keep him healthy, resetting his nervous system to a calm, safe state again. You may see your dog do this too. […]