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How to Incorporate Detoxing Into Your Day

how-to-detox If you’re looking for simple and easy ways to detox, Dr. Shilpa P. Saxena shares her secrets and personal habits to help rid your body of unwanted toxins. Find a Forum Health provider near you!

Beauty Isn’t Skin-Deep: 5 Beauty Hacks to Detox Properly


If only exfoliation were the one necessary ingredient to make our skin glow! Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately), beauty truly does come from within. If you’ve tried some of our post-holiday detoxing tips, then you’ve likely noticed improvements in your skin, already. If not, we’ve decided to give you our go-to detoxing plan that can be used […]

Best Prep for Cold and Flu Season? Fall Detox with Forum Health’s GDRx Program

Fall is a season of transition, and just like nature sheds its old leaves, it’s the perfect time for you to shed toxins and prepare your body for the upcoming cold and flu season!  Here are some effective cold and flu season tips for staying healthy. Did you know that regular detoxing is important to improve […]

Feel Radiant Naturally: Tips for Non-Toxic Beauty and Personal Care Products


In your quest for beauty and personal care, it’s easy to overlook the toxins lurking in many conventional products. Harmful chemicals, toxins, and synthetic substances can wreak havoc on your health and may be hiding in your favorite products.     Just like you check the ingredients in your food, it’s important to know what ingredients […]

What Are Forever Chemicals? How to Detox Your Body and Prevent Disease

How forever chemicals affect your health and ways to support your liver and detox pathways to eliminate them from the body. Did you know there are substances known as “forever chemicals” that make their way into your food, water and even the air? Scientifically known as per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), these human-made chemicals are […]

College Students: You Need a Detox!

Going to college can be one of the most thrilling experiences! It’s a chance to experience a new environment, independence, and the opportunity to explore and learn new things. On the other hand, it can also be a period for habits that result in poor dietary decisions, stress, and disturbed sleep. These unhealthy behaviors can […]

Need a Reset? This is How Our Proven Gut Detox Program Works

You’re probably here because you’re looking to feel better – more energy, better sleep, less pain…the list goes on. One of the key ways to improving your health is through eliminating toxins and repairing your gut microbiome. And at Forum Health, we believe so strongly this is the path to optimal wellness that our team […]

9 Ways To Avoid a “Healing Crisis” During Detox


Detoxing Too Fast Just as toxins can cause problems when entering your body, they can cause similar issues on their way out. If you detox too fast, or without the right support, you may reabsorb some old bacteria, toxins, and other decomposing chemicals. Why? It’s a tortoise vs the hare situation. The tortoise, in this […]

Detoxing for Better Health and Shed Excess Weight


By Carolyn Burris of Forum Health Knoxville On a daily basis we eat, drink, breathe, and handle toxins without even a thought of the damage to ourselves or potential exposure to our loved ones. In fact, a recent article in the British Medical Journal quotes a study estimating that 75 percent of most cancers are […]

How Toxic Are You? Answers for Heavy Metal Toxicity

Reviewed by Kimberly Cabe, FNP-BC of Forum Health Clarkston   Throughout your life, you’ll come into constant contact with environmental toxins. Overtime, this exposure can lead to health concerns in many areas.     Environmental toxins are poisonous substances that come from outside the body and are lumped into two categories: harmful chemicals and heavy metals.  […]