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forum health

Asheville, NC

About Forum Health Asheville, NC

Integrative & Functional Medicine Specialists

Founded in 1979 Forum Health Asheville is the oldest continuously-operating Integrative Medical practice in North Carolina. At Forum Health Asheville we strive to provide the type of medical care we would personally like to receive.

Forum Health is proud to provide the Asheville community, led by Clayton Bell, MD and team, with functional and integrative care providers, health coaches, and a result-driven team.

Our Asheville integrative medicine clinic offers treatments such as medical grade IV therapy, Lyme Disease TreatmentSOT Therapy, Gut Detox, Hormone Replacement Therapy and Medical Weight Loss with life-changing outcomes.

Providers work with their patients to create personalized care plans and treat such ailments as hormone imbalance, leaky gut, and autoimmune disease. Our exceptionally trained staff are here to help improve the health and well-being of the community they work and live in.

Meet Our Providers:

Clayton Bell


Dr. Clayton Bell is a Certified Functional Medicine Physician and is also boarded in Integrative Medicine as well as Family Medicine

Dr. Clayton Bell combines cutting edge Functional, Environmental, and Integrative Medicine treatments with holistic lifestyle recommendations and ancient healing traditions from Ayurvedic Medicine. This allows patients to be seen and heard on physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual levels. He believes the common thread to optimizing vitality and health lies with empowering, encouraging, and engaging the person to heal themselves from the inside out.


  • Integrative Medicine Fellowship at University of Kansas Medical Center
  • Family Medicine Residency at Central Maine Medical Center
  • Medical School at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences


Lyme and Tickborne Illnesses, Chronic Viral Infections, SOT, RGCC, Integrative Oncology, Semaglutide Weight Loss, Cardiometabolic Conditions, GI Disorders, Autoimmunity, Neuroendocrine Hormonal Imbalance, Psychoimmunology


  • Institute of Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP)
  • American Board of Integrative Medicine
  • American Board of Family Medicine
  • ILADS (International Lyme and Associated Diseases Societty) LLMD
  • National Association of Environmental Medicine
  • Environmental Medicine Education International Certification Training (currently enrolled)
  • Society of Integrative Oncology
  • National Ayurvedic Medical Association
  • North Carolina Integrative Medicine Society
  • RGCC Accredited Practitioner




  • Society of Integrative Oncology New Investigator Award (October 2019).
  • Maine Hospitalist Association Caregiver of the Year Award (June 2015).
  • Rumford Hospital Physician Heroes Award (July 2014).       
  • President’s Volunteer Service Award (December 2014. Signed by President Barack Obama).                                            
  • State of Maryland Governor’s Citation (September 10, 2012).
  • Exceptional Humanitarianism with Haitian Relief Effort Award.   Presented by Arkansas Secretary of State, Mark Martin (May 2011).
  • Certificate of Congratulations for Humanitarian Service.  Given by US Congressman, Tim Griffin (May 2011).
  • UAMS College of Medicine Alumni Association Senior Community Service Award (May 2010).
Terri Beim

Terri M. Beim


As a naturopathic practitioner for more than 20 years, Terri is first and foremost an educator. She spends an extensive amount of time with patients in effort to determine WHY their problems started in the first place.

Terri Beim has been a Naturopath for more than 20 years. She holds diplomas in Naturopathy, Herbology and Clinical Nutrition. She works primarily with complex illnesses that require an extensive amount of time and effort to explore the underlying issues that led to the illness in the first place.

She is first and foremost an educator and works as an “educational arm” with other healthcare providers. She spends an extensive amount of time with each person — understanding their medical history, body chemistry, diet, lifestyle, load toxicity, and resulting health challenges — in an effort to determine WHY their problems started in the first place. After seeking to understand, Terri spends the time necessary to create a personalized holistic plan designed to help that person achieve a positive health outcome.


  • Graduate, Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, Naturopathic Practitioner
  • Graduate, Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, Holistic Health Practitioner
  • Graduate, Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, Clinical Masters
  • Graduate, Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy, Clinical Nutrition


Adrenal Fatigue | Autoimmunity | Breast Implant Illness | Chronic Fatigue Syndrome | Gastrointestinal Disorders | Low Testosterone | Leaky Gut Syndrome | Lyme Disease | Menopause | Obesity


  • Certified in First Aid and CPR by the American Red Cross
  • Certified in Advanced Life Support by an American Hearth Association Healthcare Provider
  • Certified in Aromatherapy by Center for Aromatherapy
  • Certified Gluten Practitioner by Cyrex Labs
  • Certified Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant by ACE
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer by the American College of Integrative Medicine
  • Certified Holistic Fitness Specialist by the Academy of Holistic Fitness
Christina Cadden, FNP-C

Christina Cadden


Christina Cadden, FNP-C, is a dedicated and compassionate healthcare provider specializing in thyroid and hormone health, gut health, and overall health optimization.

Christina Cadden, FNP-C, is a dedicated and compassionate healthcare provider specializing in thyroid and hormone health, gut health, and overall health optimization. She graduated from Purdue University Global in 2020 as a Family Nurse Practitioner after an impressive 15-year career as a critical care nurse.  

Driven by her personal journey with thyroid and hormone disorders, Christina is passionate about providing comprehensive and empathetic care to her patients. She understands the frustration of seeking answers and not being heard, and she is committed to changing that narrative in her practice. Christina focuses on listening to her patients, understanding their symptoms, and collaborating with them to develop personalized treatment plans.  

Her approach integrates holistic medicine with Western medicine to support optimal health and well-being. She believes that being listened to and having a say in one’s treatment plan is crucial, and she strives to ensure her patients feel heard, respected, and empowered in their healthcare journey.


  • Thyroid and Hormone Health 
  • Gut Health 
  • Health Optimization 
  • Weight Loss  
  • Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome


  • Master of Science in Nursing – Family Focus, Purdue University Global 
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Tarleton State University


  • AANP Board Certified Family Nurse Practitioner

Bri Hill is a dedicated healthcare professional with a passion for personalized patient care and a rich background in clinical specialties.


Bri Hill

RGCC Coordinator

Bri Hill is a dedicated healthcare professional with a passion for personalized patient care and a rich background in clinical specialties. Born and raised in Asheville, with a deep love for the Blue Ridge Mountains, Bri has traversed various locales, yet her heart remains firmly rooted in her hometown.


With over 11 years of experience in healthcare, Bri has honed her expertise across diverse clinical fields, including pharmacy, cardiology, otolaryngology, radiology, and most recently, integrative medicine. Her journey has led her to embrace the belief that a one-size-fits-all approach is inadequate for both healthcare and individual well-being.


As the RGCC Coordinator at Forum, Bri is thrilled to contribute her skills to a team that shares her commitment to tailored healthcare solutions. She thrives on providing behind-the-scenes support to Forum’s esteemed providers, ensuring that patients receive precise and timely testing and therapies. Bri firmly believes in prioritizing the unique needs of each individual, guiding them through their wellness journey amidst the demands of modern life.


Outside of her professional endeavors, Bri finds joy in the simplicity of life on her family’s multigenerational farm alongside her partner. She indulges her adventurous spirit through travel, embraces her inner geek with gaming and sci-fi, and cherishes moments spent in the company of her beloved cats.


Bri earned her undergraduate degree from UNCG and is currently pursuing healthcare administration studies at CSU, further enriching her capabilities to make a meaningful impact in the realm of patient care and wellness.

Our Forum Health Asheville clinic delivers personalized precision medicine that promotes vibrant health and wellness treatments for several prominent chronic diseases and health conditions.

Our team at Forum Health Asheville specializes in Weight Gain & Obesity, Lyme Disease, Thyroid Disorders and more!

We offer treatments including Hormone Replacement Therapy, Medical Weight Loss Program, SOT Therapy, and more!

Our Approach

Forum Health Asheville offers holistic, personalized medicine that targets the underlying causes of a disease and health challenges. Rather than treating the symptoms, our providers treat the whole person – body, mind, and spirit – with customized care plans that are tailored to individual needs. With a broad range of advanced diagnostics and innovative therapies, Forum Health providers reveal otherwise hidden issues that patients may not realize impact their everyday life.


  • To provide healthcare guided by professional standards developed through expertise, training, and experience of peers and professional organizations.
  • To offer safe, high quality, professional services in a caring and supportive atmosphere
  • To facilitate a healing response with the least invasive and safest approaches possible.
  • To strive to identify any causes or triggering factors that underlie symptoms.
  • To know each patient not only medically, but also as a unique person.
  • To commit to ongoing education of the medical and supportive staff of the Center, striving for the highest standard of healthcare guided by cutting-edge knowledge.
  • To encourage patients to be informed and involved in their own healthcare decisions, knowing that informed and pro-active recipients of healthcare have better treatment outcomes.
  • To foster happiness of all who work here, knowing that laughter and fun result in fulfillment both in our lives and in the lives of those who trust their care to us.

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With functional medicine, we get to the root cause of your symptoms. Discover our functional medicine treatments & therapies below.

Health Conditions, Symptoms, & Causes

Forum Health Asheville has personalized programs to help get to the root cause of your symptoms.
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Advanced Medical Testing

Unlock a deeper understanding of your health with Forum Health Asheville advanced diagnostic testing.

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