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High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy In Tampa, FL

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy In Tampa, FL

Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant that is essential for the health of our bodies. It’s anti-inflammatory and plays a vital role in growth, development and repair of all body tissues. 


Daily stress, inadequate nutrition and other unhealthy habits can wreak havoc in our bodies, robbing them of important nutrients and making it harder to stave off infections and diseases.


Eating nutritious foods, lowering the amount of stress and adding physical activity plays an important role in our health.

Why Do I Need High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy?

You might ask yourself: “Why do I need to take a high-dose Vitamin C therapy if I can just eat right, exercise and take supplements?”


Research shows that, no matter which dose of Vitamin C you take, your body can only absorb about 30% of it. Considering that high dosages, when taken orally, always cause irritated stomach and diarrhea, it’s easy to see why our practitioners recommend a high-dose Vitamin C therapy to their patients. 


At Forum Health, we take pride in being integrative medical practitioners. 


For that reason, we rarely use only one treatment; we take time to get to know you, listen to your concerns and use that information to find the right treatments for you.

High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy In Tampa

Forum Health has a convenient location in Tampa, where we offer a wide range of medical services. 


Our providers are the experts in IV administration and will be there to make sure you’re comfortable. Your IV therapy session will be administered by highly trained medical professionals and often overseen by experienced integrative medicine physicians.

Benefits Of Vitamin C

Vitamin C has many great benefits. It’s one of the safest and most effective nutrients, whose benefits include:

  • Building a stronger immune system;
  • Helping to fight cancer;
  • Lowering the side effects of cancer treatments;
  • Lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases; 
  • Reducing overall stress levels;
  • Improving energy levels;
  • And more.


High-dose Vitamin C therapy gets the vitamin intravenously to your body, and that helps it reach much higher levels in the blood than could ever be achieved when taken by mouth.

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