Masterclass: Simplifying Plant-Based Eating

Are you considering a plant-based diet? Want to incorporate more meatless meals into your life and don’t know where to start?  Join Forum Health’s certified health coaches, Nicole Zeiner, Yasmine Russell, and Danielle Booth, as they discuss the foundations of plant-based eating. In This Masterclass You Will Learn What is plant-based eating? Types of plant-based […]

How to: Full-Day of No-Sugar Eating

donuts in multicolored glaze close-up

By Staff of Forum Health Knoxville What is your relationship with sugar like? Do you always say YES to cake at parties and YES to chocolate for dessert?   Our bodies need sugar- but we are eating excessive amounts in America- to the point it is hurting our health.   Have you picked up a […]

Making the Choice for Healthy Dietary Fats

Bottle pouring virgin olive oil in a bowl close up

By Terri Caunt, R.N., B.S.N. of Forum Health Clarkston Our bodies need healthy fats. Cell walls are made of a double layer of fat, the brain is composed of 65-70% fat, and fats provide protective padding to the joints. Healthy fats and oils in the diet promote an increased feeling of fullness, called satiety, because […]

Food Allergy vs Food Intolerance: What’s the Difference?

Close-up Of A Woman Rejecting Glass Of Milk At Home

By Adrian Schirr of Forum Health Clarkston Food allergies affect one in five people (Dr. Axe). They occur as a response in the immune system when the body senses a disagreeable food or protein. This results in a trigger-response as the body tries to protect itself and produces a histamine to fight off the “invader” […]

What is a Heart-Healthy Diet?

By Carolyn Burris, MS, Nutrition of Forum Health Knoxville My hope is that I will encourage you to be your own best health advocate on what you should eat. One word I want you to consider while reading this article is indoctrination.   As I research and study the many recommendations… low carb, paleo, low […]

The Problem with Whole Grain Breads

In TIME magazine, there was an article bemoaning the fact that the “whole wheat” or “whole grains” bread that is being sold today may not be so wholesome as they would have you believe. Maybe we’re being duped, it says. This article has to do with labelling laws.   Companies can put various words on […]

Too Good to Be True? Avoid These Hidden Sugar Traps

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills One of the main reasons that sugar is creating such a health concern in the United States is that it is everywhere. Even foods that many people perceive as healthy, such as packaged fruits and vegetables, are often glazed with sugar to add a bit more sweetness to […]

High Fructose Corn Syrup and Your Health

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Increasing evidence points to a connection between a common processed food ingredient and the rise in chronic diseases.  Anyone concerned with living a healthy lifestyle and following an anti-aging therapy program should avoid consuming this substance. This ingredient is artificial sugar, including high fructose corn syrup. Increased consumption of this […]

Healthy Fat Intake May Improve Overall Health

By Curtis of Forum Health Rochester Hills   Dietary fat has been given a bad rap: some say it makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and leads to diabetes. Others claim saturated fat is bad but vegetable oils are good.   What’s the truth? While certain fats can contribute to these conditions, the right […]

Eating At Restaurants More Often? Here’s How to Keep it Healthy

By Curtis of Forum Health Coppell   Social situations are typically planned around food. Food brings us together allowing us to bond and have that comfort. However, if you find yourself eating at restaurants or attending happy hours with co-workers more than you eat at home, this could lead to weight gain and other health […]