College Students: You Need a Detox!

Going to college can be one of the most thrilling experiences! It’s a chance to experience a new environment, independence, and the opportunity to explore and learn new things. On the other hand, it can also be a period for habits that result in poor dietary decisions, stress, and disturbed sleep. These unhealthy behaviors can […]

Need a Reset? This is How Our Proven Gut Detox Program Works

You’re probably here because you’re looking to feel better – more energy, better sleep, less pain…the list goes on. One of the key ways to improving your health is through eliminating toxins and repairing your gut microbiome. And at Forum Health, we believe so strongly this is the path to optimal wellness that our team […]

Having Side Effects During a Detox?

Detoxing Too Fast Just as toxins can cause problems when entering your body, they can cause similar issues on their way out. If you detox too fast, or without the right support, you may reabsorb some old bacteria, toxins, and other decomposing chemicals. Why? It’s a tortoise vs the hare situation. The tortoise, in this […]

Detoxing for Better Health and Shed Excess Weight

By Carolyn Burris of Forum Health Knoxville On a daily basis we eat, drink, breathe, and handle toxins without even a thought of the damage to ourselves or potential exposure to our loved ones. In fact, a recent article in the British Medical Journal quotes a study estimating that 75 percent of most cancers are […]

5 Tips to Detox Heavy Metals

By Cindy Crandell RN, CN of Forum Health Clarksotn Toxins – Where do they come from? Chronic disease begins with a gene-environment mismatch; our environment has changed so much that we are now dealing with many chemicals in our food chain, over consumption of sugar, rising rates of obesity, fast food and processed food and […]

Detox-Friendly Versi-Fry

This veggie-packed versi-fry is a perfect meal to enjoy while on your GDRx detox program. It is quick to make and can easily incorporate whatever fresh vegetables you have on hand. Offering a balance of protein, fiber, carbs and fat you’ll enjoy this delicious bowl and stay full longer. Created by one of our health […]

What is an Effective Detox?

By Staff of Forum Health Clarkston The decision to detox is a great way for your body to naturally rid itself of toxins and free radicals that accumulate over time. Exposure to elements in your environment, cleaning products, allergens in the air, and what you consume through diet all contribute to toxin buildup. However, speculation […]

Eating At Restaurants More Often? Here’s How to Keep it Healthy

By Curtis of Forum Health Coppell Social situations are typically planned around food. Food brings us together allowing us to bond and have that comfort. However, if you find yourself eating at restaurants or attending happy hours with co-workers more than you eat at home, this could lead to weight gain and other health problems […]

Think Ahead: Tips for Setting Your Weight Loss Goals

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Without the right planning in place, you might feel a bit like a hamster in a wheel when you think about reaching your goals. You know you want to lose weight so you eat right and attempt to exercise as often as you can, but somehow you always […]

5 Detox Tips to Jump Start Your Year Round Wellness

By Staff of Forum Health Clarkston Time To Tidy Up Toxins come from countless sources and accumulate in the body creating an increasing toxic burden over time. Particularly, when sedentary habits, viruses and heavy foods are most prevalent. In addition, we are constantly exposed to a steady stream of environmental toxins that can get lodged […]