Could Your Depression Be Linked to Hormone Imbalance?

By Staff of Leigh Ann Scott, MD, A Forum Health Provider Depression Can Be A Symptom of Hormone Imbalances Imbalances in your hormones and depression are interrelated. Conventional medical providers are quick to prescribe antidepressants when their patients present with symptoms of depression, however hormones could actually be the cause. Depression is a disease in […]

New Mental Health Care for Postpartum Depression

By Staff of Forum health West Bloomfield Postpartum depression can occur in women after childbirth, and the effects on physical and emotional health can weigh heavily. At Forum Health we’re passionate about women’s health and helping our patients live happy, fulfilling lives. Our professional staff of expert providers are knowledgeable about the symptoms of postpartum depression […]

12 Mindfulness Strategies to Aid Your Weight-Loss Goals

If you have been wanting to lose weight, understanding the power of your Subconscious mind will make your goal much easier! The subconscious mind is not only your memories, autopilot habits, tendencies, and behaviors but also your beliefs and your inner conversations about your life and about yourself.  Here are 12 strategies to help you […]

Retrain Your Nervous System to Process Emotions

When a polar bear experiences trauma – as when he is hunted down by a helicopter shooting tranquilizers at him – he shakes his body to release that trauma. This is instinctual and helps keep him healthy, resetting his nervous system to a calm, safe state again. You may see your dog do this too. […]

What is Craniosacral Therapy?

By Staff of Forum Health Valparaiso Dr. William Sutherland, who first introduced Craniosacral Therapy over 100 years ago, discovered that, contrary to popular belief, cranial bones were designed to move in small degrees. In fact, they actually pulse in response to the movement of the cerebrospinal fluid and membranes that surround the central nervous system. What […]

Foods to Lower Cortisol and Ease Anxiety

By Staff of Forum Health Clarkston Dealing with Anxiety A proper diet is the main determinant of body functions. From cardiovascular health and joint health to brain function including, moods, anxiety, depression and stress management. However, stimulants such as caffeine, sugar and refined carbohydrates that are used for a quick energy boost, may contribute to […]

Cognitive Decline: When to Pay Attention

By Adrian Schirr of Forum Health Clarkston We all have those moments when we walk into a room and forget why we’re there. We’ve all had a slip of the tongue or a “senior moment,” but what’s the difference between a slight intellectual pause and something that needs attention? To be fair, momentary lapses are […]

Harnessing the Power of Meditation in Your Daily Life

By Adrian Schirr of Forum Health Clarkston It should be obvious to most by now: our fast-paced existence is only speeding up. With never-ending access to world news, differing opinions, and a myriad of positive and negative images, the constant stimulation turns to chaos. The mental distractions are interrupting the connection between the mind and […]

Boost Cognitive Function with Food + Recipe

By now, most of us know we must keep our bodies healthy to prevent diseases like cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, etc. What only a small percentage know is the brain is very much part of the package. Even less know, like other chronic illnesses, it is possible to […]

Top 3 Tools to Achieve Better Brain Health: Resource List

From the time you are born until you die, your brain is working. Even in your sleep your brain is working to process new information, repair from the day before, and prepare for the next day. Your brain controls every process that regulates your body including learning, problem solving, reasoning, memory, emotions, motor skills, vision, […]