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The new emerging vitamin IV therapy for fatigue, addiction, and anti-aging

How NAD+ IV Therapy is promising in promoting cellular repair for optimal health

IV therapy has long been a popular treatment for athletes and party-goers seeking hydration and electrolyte balance, health enthusiasts wanting to achieve optimal wellness and executives and celebrities looking for a cognitive edge.

Now there’s a new emerging IV therapy that can offer significant benefits for people suffering from chronic fatigue, addiction, and age-related diseases. The trending treatment is called NAD+ IV therapy and it promises more than just keeping you hydrated.

What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy, as you may have guessed from its name, is an intravenous medical treatment where fluids, vitamins and medications are delivered directly into the bloodstream for efficient results.

What is NAD+ IV Therapy?

NAD (short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) is an essential coenzyme naturally produced in the body.  Its job is to promote cellular repair, defense and resilience which can decline with age, lack of sleep and exercise, poor diet, abuse of drugs and alcohol, and weak immunity.

NAD + IV therapy helps to correct and rebalance your NAD deficit to repair cells through the body and neurons in the brain. It helps to push forward metabolic reactions so you’re better able to metabolize fat, carbs and amino acids. NAD+ has also been shown to reduce drug dependence by repairing and restructuring the opiate receptors in the brain.

What are the top benefits?


  1. Boosts metabolism
  2. Reduces pain
  3. Improves chronic fatigue
  4. Offers a promising treatment for addiction
  5. Boosts brain power, memory and focus
  6. Offers anti-aging properties
  7. Improves heart health


How does it work?

NAD+ IV therapy is an easy, quick, and painless treatment. A trained nurse will set you up in a comfortable chair and insert the IV to slowly infuse the NAD mixture. Most patients will read a book or magazine, listen to music or a podcast or take a short nap.

The therapy is completed in less than an hour and you come away feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Want to learn if NAD+ IV therapy is right for you?

At Forum Health, a nationwide network of integrative and functional medicine providers, our IV Therapy specialists are highly skilled and experienced, ensuring you get what you need, safely and effectively. We can personalize an IV Therapy plan tailored to your unique health concerns and goals.

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