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Could NAD+ Anti-Aging Therapy be the Key to Boosting Your Immune System?

Stay healthy this cold and flu season by boosting your immune system with NAD+ to fight off infection and disease.

Cold and flu season comes around every year and you do your best to keep you and your family healthy. Eating right, taking supplements, getting rest, staying active, proper hygiene – hoping it will work.


While all of those tools are effective as part of a healthy lifestyle, there is more that you could be doing at the cellular level.

NAD+ and Anti-Aging

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD) is a coenzyme found in your cells. It binds to other enzymes to cause molecular reactions and functions in the body, which aids in digestion, cell growth and repair, energy production, repairs DNA, and promotes immune-cell function.


NAD+ also activates sirtuins proteins, which have been linked to stress resistance, reduced inflammation, and healthy cellular aging. NAD+ is also needed to turn off genes related to accelerating the aging processes.


Many studies have found that NAD+ is essential to maintain healthy tissue and metabolic processes, and a key for healthy aging. Adequate levels of NAD can even contribute to improved energy and protection against chronic diseases.

However, NAD naturally begins to decline in humans around age 40.

How Does NAD+ Help Your Immune System?

While you may think anti-aging is superficial, the benefits of anti-aging therapies are beyond skin deep. Functional and integrative medicine anti-aging therapies are meant to help you age slower by preserving the integrity of your body and mind, and its functions. By preserving your health as you age, you reduce the likelihood of disease, illness and more.

NAD+ is the anti-aging molecule you need to improve your immune system function and overall health.

A recent study showed the various ways that NAD+ works to protect and improve immune function against viruses.

  • NAD+ has antiviral effects in humans
  • NAD+ has anti-inflammatory effects in humans
  • NAD+ helps regulate the immune response during viral infections


Additionally, when compared with healthy individuals, NAD+ concentrations are lower in older individuals with viral infections and viral infections have been reported to deplete cellular NAD+ stores, which further reduces immunity.


Implementing therapies that increase NAD+ levels may promote antiviral defense and suppress uncontrolled inflammation, which may prevent illness or an overactive immune response.


Essentially, NAD+ anti-aging therapy works to boost the immune system by increasing all the factors that make it most efficient and thus better able to fight off infection. 

How Do You Get More NAD+?

A quick and effective way you can replenish this essential molecule through NAD+ amino acid IV therapy. This increases your capacity for these important anti-aging and anti-inflammatory processes.

Forum Health can deliver NAD+ through IV administration and oral supplements.

To learn if NAD+ Therapy for improved immune system health is right for you, contact us.