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5 Habits Your Health Coach Wishes You Knew

Establishing healthy lifestyle habits is vital to living a fuller, active life. From rest to nutrition and relationships, it’s important to pay attention to all aspects of your health. In this blog post, we’ll provide tips for building healthy habits and the benefits of Functional Medicine Coaching.

The Best Therapy is Rest

You have a finite amount of energy each day, so it’s important to fine-tune your inner sense of how much energy your body can handle. Structuring your life to accommodate your body rhythm is key. Follow a fixed schedule, including going to bed and waking up at the same time each day.

Exercise is Powerful

Daily exercise, of some kind, is essential for preventing muscle wasting, enhancing your immune system, and improving your mood. It is also effective in managing fatigue and pain syndromes.

Good Nutrition is Vital to Health

A healthy diet is crucial for healing and preventing chronic diseases. Ensure your diet is colorful with vegetables and fruit. Consider additional supplements, like omega-3s, multivitamins, or antioxidants. Forum Health can help determine what additional supplements may be needed to support your body.

Managing Stress is Important

Stress is a contributing factor to many illnesses. Finding a stress relief technique that works for you is crucial. Avoid stressful people and situations as much as possible and consider additional herbal supplements for relief.

Supportive Relationships are Key

Having supportive relationships in your life is extremely important. Spend time around people who are understanding and willing to help you when you need it. Consider finding a support group as a positive resource and social outlet.

What is a Functional Medicine Life Coach?

FMCA (Functional Medicine Coaching Academy) Life Coaches are health professionals with a wide variety of backgrounds who have completed a year-long course and have been certified through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. Coaches work side-by-side with FM (Functional Medicine) practitioners to provide a more comprehensive level of healthcare.

Why Use Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine uncovers the root causes of illness, is based on the study of body systems and their physiological interconnections, and is dynamic—constantly changing with our body leading to transformational health improvements.

Why Use a Functional Medicine Coach?

Coaches work with you to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses to focus on your unique issues. The five pillars of Lifestyle Well-being include:

  1. Nutrition and Hydration
  2. Exercise and Movement
  3. Sleep and Relaxation
  4. Stress and Resilience
  5. Relationships and Networks

The mind and body are one, so it’s crucial to recognize your areas of disconnect, then, together with your coach, create a personalized plan for improvement. Functional Medicine Life Coaches can help through nutritional plans, personalized exercise prescriptions, co-creating a personalized change plan, mind-body evidence-based practice interventions, and self-discovery and personal growth tools.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to be the best you!