Hormone Urine Testing

Urine contains larger amounts of hormone than blood or saliva; both the 24-hour and dried urine tests are extremely effective. The benefit of 24-hour urine testing is that it tells your provider how much of different hormones you make (or not) every day, how these hormones are balanced (or not) and how they are safely driven from the body (or not).


Knowing how much hormones you make, and if your body is eliminating the hormones in the proper fashion, is essential. Dried urine testing offers an easy alternative to patients who wish to have all the information on their 24-hour urine testing of the hormones without the hassle of collecting every drop of urine for 24 hours.


This test also shows our physicians the daily rhythm of your stress hormone, cortisol. Once your physician knows the true state of your hormones, these hormones can be balanced and optimized for maximum health benefits.