Healthy Fat Intake May Improve Overall Health

By Curtis of Forum Health Rochester Hills   Dietary fat has been given a bad rap: some say it makes us fat, contributes to heart disease, and leads to diabetes. Others claim saturated fat is bad but vegetable oils are good.   What’s the truth? While certain fats can contribute to these conditions, the right […]

Eating At Restaurants More Often? Here’s How to Keep it Healthy

By Curtis of Forum Health Coppell   Social situations are typically planned around food. Food brings us together allowing us to bond and have that comfort. However, if you find yourself eating at restaurants or attending happy hours with co-workers more than you eat at home, this could lead to weight gain and other health […]

Think Ahead: Tips for Setting Your Weight Loss Goals

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills   Without the right planning in place, you might feel a bit like a hamster in a wheel when you think about reaching your goals. You know you want to lose weight so you eat right and attempt to exercise as often as you can, but somehow you […]

Depression and Anxiety Can Lead to Weight Gain

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills We may never fully understand all the causes of obesity, but we’re one step closer now thanks to a study conducted in the U.K. This study followed more than 4000 people for 19 years, and examined the effects of mental and behavioral health on obesity. The results of […]

5 Detox Tips to Jump Start Your Year Round Wellness

By Cindy Crandell R.N., C.N. of Forum Health Clarkston Time To Tidy Up Toxins come from countless sources and accumulate in the body creating an increasing toxic burden over time. Particularly, when sedentary habits, viruses and heavy foods are most prevalent. In addition, we are constantly exposed to a steady stream of environmental toxins that […]