Best Defense Against Stress During The Holidays – 5 Easy Steps

By Cindy Crandell, RN, CN of Forum Health Clarkston Stress can play havoc on our mind and body. On our worst days, when stresses and demands seem relentless how would you characterize the way you react? Calm, cool and collected?  Or are you irritable, easily agitated and ready to explode?  When you reflect back on […]

Create Comforting Aromas for the Home

By Naomi Martoia, RN of Forum Health Rochester Hills Every store I enter is full of artificial scents in candles, aerosol sprays, wax melts and perfume. Aromas do create a certain feel and ambiance that we all hope to experience in our homes, but those of us who want to reduce environmental chemicals in our […]

Learn to Manage Stress to Realize True Health

By Wally Taylor, MD of Forum Health Austin We will explore some strategies designed to eliminate stress and reverse some of the damaging effects on our bodies. Here are eight strategies that have been successfully employed to relieve stress: Reduce your exposure to media stress-Why worry about situations on the evening news that you cannot […]

Is Chronic Stress Affecting Your Health?

By Staff of Forum Health Clarkston Everyone experiences stress at one time or another, but chronic stress and how that stress is perceived, can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. It can instigate feelings of anxiety and overwhelming fear.   As of this past year, nearly 80% of Americans report stress-related health issues. […]

The One Thing You Need This Winter: A Strong Immune System

By Curtis of Forum Health Coppell All year round, you need to be working to keep your immune system in the best possible condition so it can work at its very best to keep you well. But as we shift into the winter months with shorter days and colder weather, this may leave you especially […]

Yoga Provides Mental and Physical Benefits

By Staff of Forum Health Rochester Hills Just the thought of exercise can be tiring. Common workouts like running and weightlifting leave us sore and exhausted, even if the feeling is satisfying. The “no pain, no gain” mentality is widespread at the gym, suggesting that it’s impossible to build your fitness without putting your body […]

Overcoming Holiday Stress

By William Epperly, MD, FAAFP of Forum Health Bloomingdale De-stress during the holiday craziness Around the holidays, the hustle and bustle of the season can turn a season of peace and joy into a time of wanting to pull your hair out!   But over the years, I have accumulated a list of action steps […]

How to De-Stress in a Holiday Mess

By Adrian Schirr of Forum Health Clarkston When we were younger, the magic of Christmas could not be described. The lights, the excitement, family, and the spirit of giving to others…it’s all replaced with stress, holiday road rage, and the tick tock of a rushed clock. It feels like work now. We don’t look forward to work—we look […]

Prevention is the Best Medicine – Your Immune System is the Best Defense

By Staff of Forum Health Clarkston Cold & Flu Prevention We have more control of our immune system than we think and a lot of that depends on our nutrition.  Foods and supplements play a critical role in supporting our immune system, providing the body with the strength it needs to fend off pesky viruses. […]